The main purpose of the XHOST-Mode is the reduction of unnessecary
 polling of the TNC and so an increment of speed on the seriell line.
 There are only very few changes necessary in existing Hostmode-Terminal-
 programs. E.g. GP support this mode.
 The PC transmit the 'G'-Kommando to channel 255 of the TNC
 An old-fashioned TNC without XHOST will answer with the errormessage
 A TNC using the Extended Hostmode will transmit a nul-terminated string
 (ASCIIZ) back to the PC. This string contains a list of channel
 which have already some kind of Info in the buffer. This is also true
 for the Monitor-channel (channel 0) and the statusinformation (Statusdaten).
 The channelnumber inside the string are incremented by one, since the
 null-terminated string wouldn't allow data of channel 0 otherwise. 
 Example for the answer of the TNC:
       0xFF 0x01 0x00   - No Data available.
       0xFF 0x01 0x01 0x00 - Some Data are waiting in the Monitor-Buffer.
       0xFF 0x01 0x01 0x03 0x04 0x00 - Data in Monitor and channel 2 and 3


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