SuperVozelj: Get what You deserve!
  1. Introduction
    SuperVozelj is a complete system (hardware/software) based on the 68010 32bit CPU, that permit to route AX.25 frames over a Packet Radio network.
    Obviously, because IP frames can be encapsulated into AX.25 frames, they can be route by SuperVozelj too.

    SuperVozelj implements several types of autorouting, to cover ALL the requirements: Here is a brief description about the SuperVozelj hardware and software.

  2. Hardware capabilities
    The base configuration permit to have This is a very cheap and convenient solution, because the cost of all components (including PCB circuit and cabinet) is about 160 Euro.
    Also, the cabinet is very small (200x300x80mm) and contains the power supply, logic part and all modems: this is a convenient solution to improve space saving in a orderly manner.

    But SuperVozelj hardware is quite modular, so other boards can be installed: A SuperVozelj logic-part in the base-configuration photo is visible here
    If DMA and RAM boards are installed, this photo will explain the sandwich mounting scheme" of the boards.
    Finally, the complete installation, including modem boards, is shown here.

  3. Software features

  4. Huge set of statistics