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PA2SNK > PACKET   22.05.16 10:34l 57 Lines 1945 Bytes #999 (0) @ WW
BID : 4209_PA2SNK
Subj: Re: Winpack available (SNK)
Sent: 160522/0814Z 17203@PI8SNK.#FRL.NLD.EURO [SNEEK/SNITS] FBB7.01.35 alpha

# Generated by: TstHWin v2.21b - Registered to PA2SNK SNEEK
# On : 22-5-2016 10:14:18
# UTC: 22-5-2016 8:14:18

>R:160521/2229Z 17149@PI8SNK.#FRL.NLD.EURO [SNEEK/SNITS] FBB7.01.35 alpha
>R:160521/2200Z @:PI8HGL.#ZH1.NLD.EU #:11550 [Den Haag] $:23054_PE1BIV
>R:160521/2150Z @:GB7CIP.#32.GBR.EURO #:5728 [Caterham Surrey GBR]
>R:160521/2141z @:PE1BIV.#YMD.NLD.EURO JNOS #:23056 $:23054_PE1BIV
>Hi Danny and all,
>I've never really used Winpack other than for some experiments, but
>there still might be a copy installed on the old W2k P4-1500 or even
>that it used to be on the way older P166.
>I've never played with Sally.
>I've never used Winpack as it doesn't work with the JNOS file structure
>with folders in stead of one big message list.
>It at least used to be great with FBB, but I'm not sure if it works
>well with other BBS systems than FBB.
>Rgs, 73, Angela
Hi Angela and other readers.
Yes it works good with fbb and maybe bpq.
Bpq bbs also has unproto broadcasts like fbb.

Problem with winpack is that it only works in x86 windows versions.
Sally 7 and Tsthwin also work good in x64 windows.

I myself are using TstHwin for many years now and before that TsTHost.
That last one even works in x64 windows with a little work around in Dosbox

One thing i would like to try is a baycom modem on a x64 computer with
windows 7 and tsthost in dosbox just for fun ;)

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                               ооо   ооо
                              оооо   оооо
                            оооооо   оооооо
                             оо  ооооо  оо
                             о    ооо    о
                           ооооооо   ооооооо
                         оооооооо     оооооооо
                   PA2SNK te Sneek/Snits (Friesland)

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