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Subj: Hamvention SDR Presentations
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In this video *Gary Pearce KN4AQ* provides the Software Defined Radio (SDR)
forum presentations given at the 2016 Dayton Hamvention

Scotty Cowling WA2DFI from HPSDR and TAPR; Jared Boone AF7SO from
ShareBrained Technology and Great Scott Gadgets (HackRF); and Steve Hicks
N5AC from FlexRadio Systems team up to make this engaging presentation from
their points on the SDR 'spectrum.' As you'll see, the room was SRO
(crowded and hot).

Scotty's up first.
Jared hits at 20:58
Steve starts at 36:50
And the Panel Q&A is at 51:28

I'll point out one thing that was missing: the other guys. Our team
acknowledges that SDR is the future, but they didn't make any specific
references to some of the newer players who are stepping in. ICOM is the
first of the "Big Three," then Elad from Italy and Expert Electronics from
Russia were all showing full-featured, stand-alone direct-conversion SDR
transceivers. Elecraft was there, of course, with a new portable. They've
been SDR for years, but not direct conversion. Anything cooking there? And
there are several smaller entries in receivers and specialized equipment.

Watch HRN 256: SDR Forum at the 2016 HamventionĀ® on HamRadionow

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