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BID : 5074_CT2KCK
Subj: Youth Contesting at ES9C and 9A1A
Sent: 160527/1523Z 5074@CT2KCK.CTLX.PRT.EU BPQ1.4.65

IARU Region 1 report on their *Youth Contesting Program* (YCP) which saw
youngsters operating ES9C and 9A1A

Youngsters from Region 1 traveled to the station of ES5TV (ES9C) and took
part in the ARI International DX contest while another group went to 9A1A
to take part in the CQ-M International DX contest.

At the ES9C station in Estonia were Peter (SA2BLV) from Sweden, Teodora
(LZ2CWW) from Bulgaria, Dagi from ET3AA club station in Ethiopia and Fiodor
(IZ7YBG) from Italy along with Estonian youngsters (ES7GM, ES5HTA) and a
few local old timers at the station of ES5TV.

ES9C Contest Station

In Croatia at 9A1A were Hungarian youngsters Tomi (HA9T) and Novice OP
Gabor; 9A1A young team members Mihaela (9A7MIM), Domagoj (9A7CDZ), Eugen
(9A5AEV), Marina (9A5CKM), and Luka (9A5CPL); and experienced 9A1A team
members Emil (9A9A), Braco (9A7R) and Nikola (9A5W).

The youngsters have written down a summary of the amazing experience they
had during both contests, you can read them at

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