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BID : 8247_CT2KCK
Subj: New European Table of Frequency Allocations
Sent: 160718/1919Z 8247@CT2KCK.CTLX.PRT.EU BPQ1.4.65

A new edition of the European Table of Frequency Allocations in the
range 8.3 kHz to 3000 GHz has been released

The table is maintained by the CEPT Working Group Frequency Management
(WG FM). Much of this work is carried out by the CEPT European
Communications Office (ECO) on behalf of WG FM and a fully searchable
electronic version of the European Common Allocation (ECA) table can
be found on the ECO Frequency Information System site at

Among the changes the EUxx footnotes have been renamed to ECAxx and
the new Amateur Radio secondary allocation at 5351.5 kHz - 5366.5 kHz
has been included.

Download the ECA Table PDF

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