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ON3PCB > DX       03.05.13 08:50l 32 Lines 1210 Bytes #999 (0) @ EU
BID : 357_ON3PCB
Subj: Let's Try Again: HBFF-019 by HB9DRM/p , May 4th, NewOne
Sent: 130503/0924Z @:ON3PCB.#BEL.NAM.BE.EU #:357 [Belgrade] FBB7.00e $:357_ON3P
To  : DX@EU

 Hi dear Flora & Fauna Fans,
This Saturday will be an HBFF and DCS day , it seems !

After Kurt HB9AFI with HBFF-016 , and Eric HB9IAB with DCS-VD032 ,
Thomas HB9DRM announced me he will Saturday try once again  HBFF-019 .

His last Expedition there did not take place for a sudden rigs fault .
This are his Expedition plans, now:

    Date :             Saturday May 4th, 2013
    Time :             From 08:45 UTC to about 11:30 UTC
    Bands:           40m, 20m
    Mode:             Phone SSB
    Call:                HB9DRM/p  Thomas
    References:  HBFF-019 ,  Forest Reserve of Allschwilerwald, BL . New One
    Locator:        JN37SM
    Long :            7.5307 E (7 31' 51'' E)
    Lat :                47.53902 N (47 32' 20'' N)  
    QSL info :      All QSOs will be automatically confirmed via eQSL
(authentication guaranteed).
                             For all contacts not explicitly stating "direct"
                             physical QSL card via

I wish you'll meet him on the air, and wish you to have fun with ham radio
and new references hunting. 

                           73 es 44 de Augusto HB9TZA 

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