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GM3YEW > SALLY    15.09.11 13:59l 19 Lines 920 Bytes #999 (0) @ EU
BID : 28230_GB7YEW
Subj: Sally users
Sent: 110915/1245z 28230@GB7YEW.#79.GBR.EU $:28230_GB7YEW [Abernethy]NNA V3.1.3

Since you are reading this, you may be a Sally user.
I have a problem which has just manifested its'elf.
Sally was working weel up to this point.
The problem opears whenever I reply to, or created mail in the PMS.
Previously, the mail created was "imported" when saved, and forwarded using the convential forwarding icon.
Now, having created the message, the import takes place but when the forwarding
is called, the BBS gives an errot - can't remember exactly haw it is phrased but indicates that more than one 
message has been offered.
The BBS thendisconnects the PMS.
Looking at the message, it is definately adressed to one station and it is always the same additional message that 
is offered.
IIf it call the forwarding,with no messages to forward, Sally says efectively - no messages to forward.
Is there a forwarding file in Sally - I haven't found one.
Any suggestions ?
73 de Dave

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