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Subj: UAE Amateur Radio satellite
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The United Arab Emirates newspaper The National reports on the
*Nayif-1 *spacecraft
developed by Emirati students from the American University of Sharjah in
partnership with The Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre

Nayif-1 carries a 435/145 MHz transponder (FUNcube-5) for amateur radio
SSB/CW communications. It is expected to launch along with other amateur
radio satellites such as Fox-1C and Fox-1D on a SpaceX rocket between
September and November 2016.

The National says:

*Yousuf Al Shaibani*, director general of The Mohammed bin Rashid Space
Centre, said the satellite‚Ä÷s development was a testament to its commitment
to develop Emirati talent.

“There is no doubt that the field of satellite design and manufacturing is
a new industry to UAE universities and students," Mr Al Shaibani said.

“The Emirati students possess the skills and capabilities to design and
build a CubeSat as a result of a knowledge-transfer strategy and
cooperation between academic and professional institutions that are
launching real space projects, enabling students to see the product of
their work as a reality in space."

The satellite is about 10 cubic centimetres and weighs about 1 kilogram.
One of its most notable features is that it is programmed to transfer
messages in Arabic.

“This is a great achievement and a source of pride for all of us," said *Dr
Bjorn Kjerfve*, chancellor of American University of Sharjah.

Read the full story at

Nayif-1 CubeSat

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