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BID : 4101_CT2KCK
Subj: Workshop on Arduino/micro-controllers in May, in Portugal
Sent: 160503/2153Z 4101@CT2KCK.CTLX.PRT.EU BPQ1.4.65

The Portuguese ARLA - Associação de Radioamadores do Litoral Alentejano
will give an workshop on Arduino/micro-controllers in May, on the 14th and
the 21st from 9am to 6pm.

This action will take place at Fertagus (transportations operator)
facilities in Coina, Barreiro (near Lisboa), following the agreement signed
by both entities.

*Pedro Ribeiro CT7ABP* will use both Saturdays to go over several aspects
of these cheap but powerful devices, go over analog and digital ports,
accessories like LCDs, sensors and transceiver modules with special focus
on their aplication in HAM uses.

Every attendee will receive a kit with the components for all the lab

The workshop is completely free, the attenders will only pay for the kit.

Best Regards from Portugal,

*João Costa CT1FBF*
Member of ARLA Board

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