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G6XCJ  > UIV32    25.02.10 14:05l 21 Lines 750 Bytes #999 (0) @ EU
BID : A20598G6XCJ
Subj: UIV32/APRS
Sent: 100225/1143Z @:GB7COW.#44.GBR.EU #:64258 [195336] FBB7.01.35 alpha
To  : UIV32@EU

Travelling a few thousand miles in EU its clear that this medium is on the
way out, unless unselfish hams are prepared to put up VHF RF connected to
their PCs via a straight lead and properly set up using KISS. Its a real
time medium and is better than any IM or Emailer. USE IT OR LOSE IT!

I have on thousands of occasions offered to help set-up any RF station for
Igate and digi, just write an SP for full data supported by WB4APR.

Best wishes, Rodge (g0cjm/g6xcj at
[E&OE]Somewhere EU.

"Hold your friends close and your enemies closer-enemies will watch and
guard you 24/7 but friends may send a card once a year" RJ.(G6XCJ/G0CJM)
May your God bless you!

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