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This is an amateur radio service, located in Treviso - NorthEast of Italy.
You can use IR3IP as a Internet Relay Chat server just using the IRC client you want (MS-Chat, KVirc, Xchat, etc.) and connecting in the 6666 port.

Main features are
Get IRC Manual in italian language

This IRC server is linked with other hamradio ones, but NOT with other commercial IRC servers!

Only Amateur Radio licensed people can use this server

Unauthorized users will be disconnected because they cannot use Hamradio services, as specified by the international laws.

You have NOT an IRC client installed?
You would NOT install one?
You can use this Java applet to connect ir3ip irc server!
Please enter your ham callsign as nickname!
Nick name:
Real name:
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For any informations, you can leave a message to