Smart Digipeater firmware for TNC2

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Last update: 19/10/07

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Scott, N1VG is offerening UIDIGI EPROMs burned and shipped for free to encourage modernization of the APRS network.

I'm covering the cost of at least the first 25 myself, and a few others have pledged to cover more beyond that.

Please keep in mind that I'm only offering the service of preparing the EPROM, and that the code still belongs to Marco, and you should
still consider sending him 10 Euros or dollars if you find UIDIGI useful. I'm not a UIDIGI user myself (I just happen to have the required
hardware and packing and shipping infrastructure), so if you need help preparing your configuration, you probably want to ask here first.

If you want an EPROM, just email me at scott@n1vg.net with your mailing address and configured .bin file. US orders ship by first
class mail, everything else goes by airmail letter-post. You can also provide the digi callsign or other identifying text that you'd like
printed on the chip's label.

Please note that these are one-time programmable chips, and cannot be erased and reused. If you make a mistake in the configuration, just
throw it away and request another.

Thanks and 73,


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